Heat without environmental damage

16.08.2019 15:56

Rather heat-insulated building, is equipped with the infrared system of electric heating HYBRID, prevents the substantial increase of consumption of energy. Using the harmless and incredibly economical infrared waves, ceramic panels give us instant and steered heat only for share of expenses in comparison with traditional central heating or systems which use coal, fuel oil, firewood as resource, as causes environmental pollution.

Power of the ceramic panels HYBRID is 0.375 kW which allows to save expenses of the electric power energy costs. The most important information is that, at such low power our panels can be used in combination with alternative energy sources, namely: solar panels or wind stations.

Also unlike convectors, the HYBRID panels evenly distribute heat without reduction of indicator of moistness, do not dry an air, work without any noise, do not allocate the smell, do not kick up dust.

Our product offers to an owner the unprecedented level of control of temperature and energy of their dwellings, considering the high level of thermal comfort. Traditional systems, while burning huge amount of fossil fuel just to heat an air indoors, can't compete with profitability and environmental friendliness of infrared ceramic panels.

Use of products of HYBRID promotes reduction of carbon emission that helps to preserve environment.