Results of using Hybrid in the premises of "Kyivoblenergo"

02.10.2018 15:11

Results of using Hybrid in the premises of "Kievoblenergo"

The autonomous electric Hybrid heating system was installed in the new building of "Kievoblenergo" in 2015. One panel was mounted for every 7 m² of the room. The total heating area is 3500 m². On average, the system works 8-10 hours a day.

The General Director of “Kyivoblenergo” Gonchar A.M. told us about the results from exploitation of the Hybrid heating system and the advantages they have found.

They are as follows:

  • Compared to traditional heating systems, the Hybrid is mounted much faster and easier;
  • Due to the low level of electricity consumption, there was no need to install an additional substation. The system was connected to the general network. Overload was not observed.
  • it is possible to set different temperature in every separate premises;
  • no hryvnia has been spent during the operation of the system maintenance;
  • Hybrid allowed to optimize heating costs due to the ability to use the system for several hours a day.

"Kievoblenergo" recommends Hybrid as an excellent alternative to common heating systems.