25.07.2019 14:37

Think about why it's warm when the sun shines during winter day, or how it heats up objects.

Infrared ceramic heaters, which we are speaking about, create the same heat effect as the sun. They send heat rays that are absorbed by the surface of the walls, floor, and other objects.

Instead of directly heating the air, as conventional heaters do, HYBRID infrared ceramic panels emit heat that passes through objects and allow to gradually spread in the room.

When hot air rise up, cold stays at the bottom, resulting inefficient heating: the air is always warmer closer to the ceiling, whereas you stay close to the cold air.

By installing standard convectional heaters, you warm up an air, while the objects in the room remain cold. By the way, the owners of these heaters spend additional costs on maintenance, because on the open heating elements accumulates dust, which then burns during the operation of the devices. The important thing is that, thanks to infrared heaters, the walls and objects in the room warm up and stay warm while remaining dry. Mold can't grow in dry places, so these heaters also work as driers, keeping the walls and ceiling warm.

On the other hand, infrared heating panels do not need to be permanently turned on because the objects they heat hold the heat. Thus, there is still warm in the room, even when devices are turned off.

Ceramic heating panels require no maintenance. Their monolithic design, the absence of any action buttons, thermostats and other elements provides a long service life (more than 30 years). You can control it with thermostats, which are installed in every room, controlling from one to 6 panels at the same time.

To install ceramic panels you do not need to install any pipelines, you only need a power-cord receptacle. Infrared heaters directly heat items indoors, so it takes a certain amount of time to achieve the optimum heating temperature, but less electricity to further maintain heat after warming up. That is why HYBRID ceramic panels are used as a complete heating system throughout the heating season.

Infrared heating panels also help to improve blood circulation and strengthen your immune system. Japanese doctors use infrared heating panels, for helping patients with cardiovascular diseases. It works because infrared heating penetrates deeper than normal heating, helps blood vessels to expand and allows more blood circulation.