ONYX at the Fürdőszoba exhibition in Hungary

ONYX at the Fürdőszoba exhibition in Hungary

Hybro 31/01/2023
Hybro 615

Fürdőszoba is one of the largest European exhibitions dedicated to the theme of bathroom design and new plumbing equipment.

The exhibition was held from January 27 to 29 in Budapest and covered 7,000 m2, which undoubtedly indicates the grand scale of the event and the number of companies represented. More than 100 products and brands in the field of sanitary equipment and design were announced at Fürdőszoba, among them the ONYX glass towel dryer by HYBRO TM was presented.

AREZZO DESIGN, as the exclusive representative of HYBRO in Hungary, presented ONYX glass towel dryer at the Fürdőszoba exhibition. Due to its unique design and functionality, ONYX was the focus of the exhibition. The glossy black towel dryer with elegant shapes successfully complemented the design and details of the exposition, which immediately caught the eyes of the participants and guests of the exhibition. Everyone was happy to test the touch control and the principle of contactless drying, which was an incredible discovery that had not been seen before.

Thanks to the cooperation of AREZZO DESIGN and HYBRO Technologies, leading European manufacturers, distributors and customers got to know the ONYX glass towel dryer, which is a modern novelty on the sanitary equipment market. The Fürdőszoba exhibition was an excellent platform that made it possible to make a presentation in a dignified and productive manner.

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