Hybro 02/12/2022
Hybro 827

Another object where HYBRID ceramic panels are installed is also in Romania. However, Romanians are true connoisseurs of comfort and warmth.

The AGN BAU company, together with the HYBRO brand, created the best conditions for its own employees by placing HYBRID 375 black panels in its new office premises. It was a good decision, because comfort always contributes to work productivity.

In terms of aesthetics and design, HYBRID panels in black color are perfect for a modern interior with natural wood. The minimalist design of the ceramic panels is harmoniously combined with the massive wood texture. The glossy surface of black ceramics did not overload the space, but on the contrary expanded it with its reflection and color depth.

The low energy consumption of HYBRID allowed using the power of the grid without unnecessary additional costs for the owners, and the comfortable warmth contributed to the excellent response of the office workers.

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