ONYX towel dryer in a modern premises

ONYX towel dryer in a modern premises

Hybro 15/01/2023
Hybro 737

A modern bathroom design should be minimalist and practical. These criteria are now in the field of view of everyone who wants to enjoy the comfort of their own home.

It is obvious that in search of such advantages the client always turns to the interior designer. In our case, when the bathroom was being designed, the client, together with the specialist, had to monitor the market of devices to provide the room with both heating and the ability to dry towels and other textile items. After careful research, the customer chose the ONYX towel dryer for their bathroom.

The reasons for the choice was as follows:

  • stylish design: the towel rail has the correct geometric shape, clear lines and deep black color, which corresponds to the designer concept;
  • excellent functionality, including a 3-hour OFF-timer that allows to quickly dry things, reducing electricity consumption;
  • the heating function provides warmth throughout the year, and IP55 protection provides confidence in the safety of such a device in a room with high humidity;
  • contactless principle of drying things, which prevents spoilage, because it was important for the client-athlete to dry his things delicately and quickly after each workout.

In general, the result is impressive: the design of the bathroom maintains a feeling of space and balance, and the functionality and practicality of the ONYX towel dryer helps to feel comfortable.

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