HYBRID heating system in the "Forest" restaurant in Cherkasy

HYBRID heating system in the "Forest" restaurant in Cherkasy

Hybro 15/11/2022
Hybro 883

The HYBRID heating system is gaining more and more popularity in the hotel and restaurant business. Taking into account the trends and values of the modern customer, the energy efficiency and minimalism of HYBRID are becoming more in demand.

We share with you another object, this time it is the popular restaurant "Forest" in the city of Cherkasy. Residents of Cherkasy and guests of the city are well acquainted with the restaurant's exquisite cuisine and special atmosphere. The beauty of forms, the use of natural material, functionality and special cuisine are the main components of the "Forest" concept, which attract and make you return to the restaurant again and again. Having created a complete image, the owners took care of their customers, and therefore decided to install a HYBRID heating system to efficiently heat the premises of the establishment and create comfortable warmth for guests during their rest.

For a special interior, classic black satin panels were selected, which harmoniously emphasized the color scheme, details and overall concept of the restaurant. In order to complement the premises with HYBRID panels, it was not necessary to make repairs or change anything in the interior. This is the advantage of such a heating system: comfort without unnecessary costs and drastic changes.

Since for the owners of restaurants, cafes, hotels, customer satisfaction and the overall image of the establishment is an advantage, and the time to create such satisfaction is a driving factor, the HYBRID heating system is a successful and quick solution.

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