Hybro 02/01/2022
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Modern townhouses are an excellent alternative to both a country house and a typical multi-storey house, not only due to their own land plot and extensive living space, but for the ability to choose a comfortable heating system.

That is why the owners of such dwellings start to solve the issue of their home heating at the very beginning. As the modern townhouses belong to the innovative type of buildings, the heating system should correspond to it and be as modern and effective as HYBRID.

The main key advantages of the HYBRID system:

·         HYBRID panel heaters efficiently and most importantly economically heat the premises.

·         Don’t burn oxygen

·         Don’t raise dust

·         Absolutely silent

·         Fast and easy mounting

·         Perfectly fit any interior decision

·         Have an unlimited service term

·    It is possible to set up temperature separately in every other room when using HYBRID heating system 

Let's take a look at one of the real townhouses with the HYBRID heating system. According to the design concept, 15 HYBRID 375 panels were installed there. Although 11 panels were enough to heat a 93.4 m2 apartment with its insulation level.

Such a solution allowed the system to work 5 hours a day, instead of 10 hours. Therefore, the HYBRID heating system in the townhouse uses about 4,580 kW during the 170-day heating period.

Vadym Bondarenko, the owner of the townhouse, shared his impressions of using the HYBRID heating system throughout the year: "Electric heating from HYBRO is comfortable and not overdried air, which is one of the most important criteria for us, because we spend most of the day at home. It is also very convenient to set the microclimate in different rooms, for example, it is comfortable to sleep around 20℃, but for the working space, it is needed at least 22-23℃. The payment for heating does not exceed the payments, which were made for an apartment with an area twice smaller and centralized heating".

Taking into account the experience of using the HYBRID electric heating system in townhouses, we can recommend it as an alternative to traditional heating systems, which are outdated and do not fit modern types of housing.

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