HYBRID heating system in hostel

HYBRID heating system in hostel

Hybro 15/01/2022

The main task of the hostel is to satisfy the city guests' needs and not to spoil the first impression of it. The feeling of warmth and comfort are the key components of a positive evaluation. In order to be best remembered to tourists by its comfort, one of the hostels installed HYBRID ceramic heating panels.

Although a hostel is also a temporary economy-class accommodation, the International Federation of Youth Hostels has established basic requirements that should ensure comfort and a sense of personal space for each guest. To meet the standards, providing quality services, the owners must take into account everything down to the smallest detail. The issue of room heating is the basis.

To create excellent conditions for tourists, especially in the cold season, HYBRID 375 and HYBRID 550 ceramic panels in black color were installed at the Battle Mile Sport Hostel. Currently, it allows the hostel to maintain a fixed temperature in each room during the heating period and the off-season.

Due to its minimalist and ultra-thin design, HYBRID panels are ergonomically placed in every room, emphasizing the style and design of the interior. Fast and simple installation of panels accelerated completion of the object and gave the possibility of settling guests in rooms faster. Ceramic panels are silent, do not raise dust and do not burn oxygen, so it is a pleasure to be in a room where the system is turned on.

At the same time, the low power and energy efficiency of the system ensures comfortable warmth and the absence of additional costs. This allows the hostel to significantly save on heating, leaving room payment acceptable for guests.

Since tourism in Ukraine is growing, there is a need to create temporary accommodations. Thanks to the HYBRID heating system, hostel owners will no longer have to worry about unprofitable installation of the system, lack of additional square meters for accommodation, as well as about payments that often shock private entrepreneurs.

Customers, in addition to reasonable payment for rooms, will have the opportunity to enjoy comfortable warmth, which will give them a fresh head and a great mood in the morning.

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